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When you are looking to create an income online, affiliate marketing often comes up as the easiest way to do so. We have ourselves, majored on this business model for several years.

But not all affiliate programs are created equally. And some are just multi level marketing programs dressed up to look like something else. So which hat does the Earn Easy Commissions program wear?!

Now, we like to give you, our readers, a complete and honest review of products. To do that, we have to join the programs or buy the products to see inside and therefore give you all the answers.

This program is no different, so here is the inside of our members account.

earn easy commissions review

We have blocked out our affiliate link and also the commissions received at this stage.

So, what is this all about?

Well, the sales page tells you that “anyone, including complete beginners can make their first $100,000 online.” Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that it is not possible for just anyone to make that kind of money online! You need to have a fair amount of common sense and ability to follow a process without fail. You will also need a fair bit of time to make that amount too. They tell you that you don’t need to create a  website, write blog posts, create a funnel, or do any selling. On the face of it, it sounds great but don’t be fooled!

There are 2 levels – Free and VIP.

On the Free Version you would need 100,000 qualified referrals to make that amount. On the VIP version you would 200 sales of their high ticket offer.

So, lets take a look at the Free Version

As it’s name suggest, it is Free to join! Now one of the things I do quite like about this program is this. You can make money just for referring people to the free account. They do have to qualify however before you get paid, so that maybe seen as a downer. So, what criteria determines a ‘qualified member’?

The people you refer have to be from one of the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada

They also have to sign up through a valid email address and click the confirmation link within the email that gets sent after signing up. Then they have to sign in to the account and go through at least some of the videos. Quite a lot of hoops to jump through but if they do that, then maybe you can earn a few quid.

Let’s get this straight – This is NOT going to make you rich!

Another plus point is that they pay out weekly provided that your balance due is over $20.

So, What is Involved With the Paid VIP Version?

This upgrade is the place where you can make some money but I would say it is probably quite difficult! You have to be a Paid member to be able to make any commissions from referrals that upgrade to the VIP program. As a free member, if one of your referrals decides to upgrade you don’t make anything! Bit cruel methinks! Maybe a lesser amount of commission than paid members get would be a better option! Just a note there to Chuck Nguyen, the product owner!

If you have upgraded and one of your referrals follows suit, you make $500 commission. Not too shabby eh? And, you don’t have to do anything extra to get that commission. The system does it for you.

There are also other income streams which you can make money from.

This is where my eyes glaze over and my brain hit’s the OMG button! At this point, Earn Easy Commissions becomes a MLM company! Because, when your referrals refer someone who upgrades, you make $100. These are called 2nd tier commissions.

Throughout the system and I am guessing through further emails to their members, there are other training packages and tools that members can purchase. If any of your members but these, you get a commission on those as well. You are not told how much though, so a bit too secretive there!

They also have a few other income streams, like banner advertising on their site, which they do for you on a rotator basis, and contests along the way. Being a VIP partner, as they call it, gives you access to a whole host of other training courses as well.

What Else Do I get Inside Earn Easy Commissions?

Well, if you just want an extra income stream that comes with some training, this isn’t too bad to be fair! Even as a free member, you get a 30 Day Action Plan in the form of videos. These are a varied set of videos most of which have offers within them to get you to spend even more money with Chuck! The No.2 video is a 41 minute one on a Success Mindset which to be honest is worth a  watch.

It is not until you get into Day 4 of the Action Plan that you will see something that maybe is of great interest if you do not have $750 to invest at this stage. Mind you, you have to get past video 3 which is just the sales video to upgrade to the VIP program all over again!

This small upgrade is an email system which costs just $49 one off fee. However, you do have to invest in a Getresponse and Click Magic account as well. These go through Chuck’s affiliate link so he is making more out of you, but you have to invest money to make money – right? These cost $15 per month and $17 per month respectively.

The good part is that once you are in the Bonus system, you get a new affiliate link to promote. This goes to a new landing page which when people enter their details they enter your email list. These then get forwarded to the registration page for EEC. They are in your list whether they register for EEC or not which is good. They will then send out daily emails to your leads over the next 100 days with offers etc with your affiliate links in them. Any sales from the emails gives you commission.

What Is in The Other Videos?

Just before I move on, over the last 10 years, one of the hardest parts of running an online business is writing emails on a regular basis. This Bonus system is a great investment for a 100 day email sequence in my honest opinion. You also get the ability to add to the emails as well, so you can maybe personalise them more or add some extra training videos in as well.

So, onto some of the other videos:

  • Video 6 walks you through the differences between free and paid traffic generation.
  • Videos 7 through 10 go through Facebook Marketing with useful free tips on using FB for marketing purposes. These 4 videos on there own are well over an hour long, so they are not short and useless.
  • Video 11 is on the Warrior Forum, which is one of the best affiliate platforms to find products to promote in the make money online niche.
  • Video 12 goes through Forum Posting which is still a useful method.
  • Classified ads on the Warrior Forum is video 13
  • Video 14 follows on with a look at Warrior Special Offers

Wait there’s more!

  • Numbers 15 and 16 look at solo ads using Udimi.com to get traffic to your offers. Solo ads are still a good source of traffic, when done right!
  • Video 17 is on a paid traffic network which I had not come across before – always good to have new places to get traffic.
  • 18 goes back to solo ads using the No.1 solo ad specialists site. Igor Kheifets is the go to guy, but be aware that this is another chance for Chuck to make money from you as it is his affiliate link being used!
  • Number 19 is solo ad based again and it is a network of solo ad vendors.
  • Video 20 runs you through a website called Leased Ad Space. We use this website and get good traffic from it to our offers. You also get the chance to make commissions from LAS as well.
  • Number 21 is about a traffic website where you can buy visitors to your website. Infinity Traffic Boost is owned by someone with the same surname as Chuck so I am guessing that he may be connected!! If you know what I mean!
  • The next video is all about Leads Leap. Now, we have tried Leads Leap and didn’t really get on with it, although we know others that have had results. It seemed like a lot of work for small reward.

And still more!

  • Have you ever heard of Safelists? Number 23 is all about this strategy and it is one we ave used. They work on a credit based system. You view others emails and then get the right to send an email to the same amount of people that equates to your credits. Some of them are quite good in terms of traffic generation, but some are rubbish. To be fair, they would probably work qquite well for something like Earn Easy Commissions – must try it! They give you a list of 10, some of which we have used with good effect.
  • Now then Number 24 we personally love! Why? Because we are active members of Wealthy Affiliate and love the training and community over there. In existence since 2005 they have helped hundreds of thousands of people to start their online business, with some of them earning 6 figures a year and then some! With 2 free websites, free hosting, an amazing community of  online business owners to tap into, an affiliate program, full training and much more, you cannot fail to get the most out of Wealthy Affiliate. Check out our full review HERE
  • Now what is really weird is that Videos 25 to 30 are not on the members area! They appear nowhere, so I am not sure how to access them, although Chuck does allude to the next video being about creating a blog.

Chuck also has a latest video update section which gives you more uptodate details of what is happening along the way. The one at the moment gives details of some things which are not mentioned in the training.

In Conclusion

So, what do we think about the system in general?

There are some Pros and Cons in our opinion, which is the same with most programs to be honest. This is how we view the program overall:


  • Getting paid for qualified referrals without having to make a sale.
  • The 30 Day Action Plan. We have seen several other reviews which slates the videos in the Plan, but personally I think it is pretty good for a starter. Lots to choose from in terms of traffic generation.
  • The Bonus System is real value for money. A 100 day done for you email sequence for $49 is gold.
  • Unlike many similar programs, Chuck is an actual person. He has been around for a number of years and is active on Facebook. He also has an active account at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • They give you 40 banner ads, 6 email swipes and 28 Facebook images to help you promote the program.


  • The difference between the free account and the VIP program is huge – $0 – $750.
  • Getting no commission for a VIP referral upgrade as a free member sucks!
  • Sometimes the constant promotion to upgrade is a bit overpowering!
  • It is borderline MLM.

Well, if you liked what you read then why not give it a whirl? Like we said, this probably will not make you a job replacing income (unless you are willing to invest in the VIP upgrade) but as a side hustle, it is probably worth a punt.

earn easy commissions banner

Good Luck! If you have any questions at all about Earn Easy Commissions or anything else, please feel free to get in touch. We love to be able to help our readers make an informed decision and we pride ourselves on helping you create a brighter future for you and your family.

If you have been a member of EEC we would love to hear your feedback.

All the best

jon and debbie lake



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