EZ Bay Payday Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

EZ Bay Payday Review : Is it a Scam or Legit?

Wondering about EZ Bay Payday and whether it is a Scam or Legit? Can you really make $$2,483.94 Per Day From eBay? Well, our review will take you behind the curtains.

So, we all know Ebay, don’t we?

And for many people, there is a good income to be made from it – selling physical products. And this involves a lot of time and effort, buying stock, storing the stock somewhere, packing up the sales you make and then taking them to the Post Office to dispatch them.

I must admit, we do have this as a very small income stream in our business, but with ongoing changes at Ebay (increase in charges, stupid ads all over your listing image etc), we are always looking at other ways to make money online.

So, up pops EZ Bay Payday by Steve Richards. Could this be a new way to make money from a platform that we already know and use?

According to the sales video, you can tap into Ebay’s billion dollar ($) markets and earn money every day with apparent ease.

Straight away that get’s my alarm bells ringing – very few things enable you to make money ‘with ease’ – you need to put in some effort!

To be honest, in this day and age, any product that try’s to entice you with headlines like this should be taken with a pinch of salt as over-hyping your product is way to scammy in my books!

The sales video mentions repeatedly a so called ‘secret’ but actually never reveals it. Instead, they prefer you to part with your hard earned cash first! $37 to be exact! This is a classic example of a so called get rich quick scheme – the product owner is the one getting rich quick, not you!! Here is a tip. If you come across a product that promises you riches but does not tell you something of the strategy they are using, it will usually be a rip-off. Save your money.

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Any self respecting, honest product owners will either charge a small fee upfront, but give you an idea of what its all about, or they will give you access for Free to take it for a test drive.

We use our gut feeling. As the old adage says “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

So What is EZ Bay Payday?

The product claims to be able to make you over $500 every day with the system. He states that all of his students are making over $500 every day with it. Don’t know about you but my BS meter switched on straight away at that point!

The outrageous claims of over $500 every day with just 17 minutes of work a day (even though the sales page says in under 3 minutes and 5 clicks) and the “I Make Over $2,483.94 Per Day From eBay…” headline just make a mockery of it. Any online business takes time and effort and certainly not 5 clicks and 17 minutes a day.

How Does The EZ Bay Payday System Work?

According to the sales page video (which you cannot pause, which really irritates me!) there are just 4 steps:

  1. Log in to the system
  2. Pick a product to start selling
  3. Connect your EZ Bay Payday cash magnet
  4. Make money

What you are actually doing is picking another product sellers product, selling it on Ebay by creating a listing and then dropshipping the item. If you don’t know what dropshipping is, it is where you sell someone else’s products and they do all the shipping and keeping the stock. It is a widely used business model and it can make money but it is not a sustainable way to make money.

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Some Worrying Things About The Sales Page

Now with our 10 years online marketing experience, we can sniff out things that are not quite what they appear!

For instance this is a screenshot from the bottom of the sales page – in the small print.

ez bay payday scam

Notice that the testimonials are not even from people using the actual system! And I am sure I have seen the lady calling herself Tamara Stone in other videos as she is a voiceover actress!

Also, if the product was legit, why would they use a pen name?

And why did they have 93 spots available? Odd number don’t you think? 93 x $37 or $17 if you take the discount which comes up when you try to exit the page is only $3441. The video probably cost that much to put together, so I think they have a few more spots available than that don’t you?

Oh, and why does the Paypal account near the start (which looks nothing like any Paypal account I’ve ever seen by the way, have no account name at the top?

So, as you can see, there are a lot of things to make you think twice about spending your money on this.

What is in the Members Area?

The slightly shady tactics don’t stop once you get into the product – oh no!

There are several steps you are instructed to take before you get to the training modules. First off is a video which basically walks you through the upsells. The 2nd step is to sign up for their Free webinar. This webinar is not even theirs, it is by an affiliate marketer called John Crestani who sells high ticket affiliate programs. This he does very well as he was formerly a Diamond Consultant with the now defunct MOBE (we were also in MOBE!). So, this has nothing to do with the product you have purchased!

Next up is the ‘FREE’ website they offer you.  This is an absolute belter! It is NOT free at all, but will set you back over $140 upfront due to hosting costs etc. Now, Ebay stipulate that you must have a website to do dropshipping/affiliate marketing on their site so you do need one. Even a domain and some cheap hosting is going to set you back about just under $100 for a year!

Then Step 4 is just a link to another Clickbank product which is also a bit iffy!

The training modules then begin.


Now, we are not saying that you will not make money with this system – it is possible. But the claims on the sales page are, we believe, a little far fetched. The whole experience from fake names, voiceover actors, nothing but extra money makers within the training, leaves us with the conclusion that, whilst it is not a scam, it is not entirely truthful.

It is not anywhere near as easy as they would have you believe and there are definitely easier ways to make a very good income online

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