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Welcome to our website and thank you for sparing some of your valuable time to find out a bit about who we are. Our main aim is to give you as much help as we can to get your online business up and running. Far to many people come online to create their dream lifestyle and hop from one opportunity to another without giving any of them the correct amount of effort of time to work. Rome was not built in a day as they say!  We have been very guilty of ‘shiny object syndrome’ in the past so it is vitally important to us that you do NOT go down the same road!

Together we have over 18 years of experience working full time online and have seen many things come and go.

We live in the UK in the town of Torquay, Devon which is part of the stunning English Riviera, so called because of its unusually warm and healthy climate compared to the vast majority of Britain! We actually have palm trees that grow here!

We have a great desire to help others create the kind of lifestyle that we enjoy – no boss, no commute, time freedom, creating financial freedom which gives so many choices in life.

We are an advert for all of you that might be asking yourself “can i do this?”

Believe me, when I (Jon) started online in August 2008, I had just been laid off and did not know what to do. I could just about send an email and surf the net!! Now, fast forward to today, and I co-own an online business that makes us money each and every month and is growing exponentially.

My beautiful wife Debbie was also laid off from her corporate job a year after me in 2009 and she too decided that being the master of her own destiny was the way to go! We absolutely love the freedom that having an online business gives you. Being there for your kids, (we have 4!) both doing the school run and being there for ALL their school plays, open days, appointments etc is priceless.

Having both been laid off, we realised that we did not want to rely on someone else designing our future, so we took the steps to create our own! “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” —Thomas Edison

Believe me when I say we have tried a whole heap of things along our online journey to get to where we are. We have tried online franchises, we ran a successful ecommerce business in the holistic wellness arena for several years, affiliate marketing, local business marketing (we still have a few clients who we help with their online marketing) and much more.

Hobbies and Interests

We both love anything to do with holistic healing – we are both Reiki attuned and believe greatly that many ailments are caused by the mind and are preventable. We also have 4 kids ranging from 11 to 25, 3 of whom live at home, so they keep us busy – bet you can relate to Dads taxi!!

Debbie loves to make jewellery and I love football (I have supported Bristol City FC since I was a boy). I also love nice cars and am working towards owning an Aston Martin at some point soon.

We also have 3 big dogs which take up some of our time – Honey is our Golden Retriever and Miley and  Bear are 2 naughty Newfoundlands.

One of our ambitions is to work with charities in impoverished countries enabling them to have clean water and education. We will definitely be involving the kids as we feel this is a great life lesson for them.

So, How Can We Help You?

As you can see, we have a wealth of experience online and have been in the trenches so to speak for a long time finding out what works and what doesn’t – so you don’t have to!

Some of you may be completely new to wanting to start an online business, others may have tried it before and failed and some of you may be already running an online business, but it just isn’t giving you the life you had dreamed of. Which one are you?

We strongly believe that we can guide you in the right direction and would be honoured to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

We feel confident that we can share our ideas, thoughts and strategies with you, so lets get communicating. Please feel free to get in touch and tell us where you are on your own online business journey or if you have unanswered questions, we will do our best to give you an answer. Email us at debbieandjon@debbieandjonlake.com and we will get back to you.

At the end of the day:

We wish you every success

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