cool instagram bio ideas

How to create the best Instagram bio to get followers

Best Instagram bio to get followers

Unless you have been on the moon for months or living under a rock, you will know that Instagram is by far the fastest growing social network on the planet – well this one anyway!

With over 1 billion users as of June 2018, this social app platform is THE place to be. Not only that but over half of them use the Instagram platform every day. And it’s not just about taking selfies, cute cats or before and after pics anymore! Yes they still are prevalent on @Instagram but it is now so much more than that. Over 60% of people use Instagram to search out products. So, doesn’t it make sense to make your bio stand out and take every step available to drive people to your products and services?

best Instagram bio to get followers

In fact hordes of businesses are flocking to the social networking service to build brand awareness and many large accounts on Instagram have become influencers and can command a fee just for posting someone else’s posts on their timeline.

We see so many people and businesses on Instagram that have an awful profile picture and either no bio at all or one that is about as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise!

So, does yours look anything like these?

This one admittedly has just started but why start without getting the basics in place first?!

worst instagram bios

Or this one who has started to build a following but for what use? No link to anywhere!

best bio for instagram to get followers

What a good Instagram bio should look like is this – @GaryVee who is one of the leading lights on the platform.

How to create the best Instagram bio to get followers

So, how do you create the best Instagram bio to get followers. Well, there are a few tricks of the trade involved. You cannot simply type your bio into Instagram on your phone as it will just come out looking like a dreary load of text. Let’s face it, in this modern world we live in, nobody has the time to read a ton of plain text, and neither do they want to!

Want they want is quick, concise, interesting bullet points telling them what you are about.

And most importantly with a link at the end pointing to an offer or your product or your lead magnet.

Firstly you need to choose a username that tells the visitor exactly what you are about. If you are a company, use your company name, if YOU are the brand use your name.

We are our own brand so we use our names as our username:

cool instagram bio ideas

If you can make your username the same across all social platforms this will help your branding. Make sure your profile photo is of you, your company logo or your product and try not to use text on the image. Remember, people are looking at it on a phone, so it probably will be hard to read.

Now, onto the bio!

Write it out on paper first so that you can make it catchy and readable. Put it in bullet point format and look for an emoji that best suits what you are saying to put at the front of each point. A great place for the best emojis is

Try to shoehorn your username as a hashtag (#username) into your bio as this help in Instagram search.

Now, once you have your bio in bullet point form and you are happy with it, type it into the Notes facility on your mobile phone (cellphone) and add the emojis. You need to finish your bio with a call to action. Something like, ” Want a place where you can get ALL the help you need to create a 2nd income, online?” or “sign up for news of my new wine” or “Get the No1 Instagram Guide”

At the very end of your bio and after your call to action add a down arrow emoji. This makes the viewers eyes look down at the link below and more inclined to click it.

Finally copy your whole bio from your Notes and paste it into the bio section of your Instagram page on your phone. Then the very last thing you need to do is to add your url (the website that your call to action is taking them to) in the Website section in the Edit Profile section of Instagram.

If your call to action is to your main website make this url your actual website. However, if the call to action is to a page where you are offering a free download or something in exchange for their email details. Or even if your CTA is to a really long url (e.g. then use a url shortener.

The best ones to use are or

They are free to sign up to and they keep track of the number of clicks you get and from where. Really useful stuff.

In conclusion

So, there you have it. You now know how to create a great Instagram bio to get followers

The bottom line is this. Spending time on Instagram (the same as any other social network) is all about an end result. There is no point just posting pictures for the sake of it! Your time can be better spent elsewhere – listening to a motivational video, reading an inspirational book, spending time with your family and kids. So, if you are going to invest time on IG make sure it pays you back in the form of sales or email subscribers.

Nuff said!

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