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“Check out our My Lead Gen Secret Review with Proof”

my lead gen secret reviewI recently came across this opportunity to make money online through a reputable online marketer whose list I am on.

It is called My lead Gen Secret and it seems to be getting a fair bit of exposure recently.

Now, we are very skeptical when looking at new opportunities. There is so much rubbish out there these days, that you have to be very wary of all these offers!

Sometimes, only sometimes, you will find one that is actually worth taking a good long look at. Our My Lead Gen Secret Review will hopefully show you that it seems to be one of the good ones.

So, What is My Lead Gen Secret All About?

The bottom line is that this opportunity is one where you pay $30 on a monthly basis and they give you 100 leads every day that have already given their details over to get more info on home business type opportunities.

But, not only do you get the leads but you also get an internal mailer system that enables you to send emails to them every day.

So, it is essentially a done for you lead generation system with an autoresponder built in. Now let’s take a look at what this would cost you elsewhere. If you ran a Google ad to get leads for the keyword ‘make money online‘ you can expect to pay about $1.81 per click. Now that is per click, not per lead!! So for 100 leads per day, you would be looking at paying about £300. Then the cost of Aweber which is the most popular autoresponder is $49 per month for up to 5000 subscribers. So, after month 2 of getting 100 leads per day, you would need to upgrade your Aweber account to the $69 per month level. This gives you up to 10,000 subscribers (leads).

Now can you see that My Lead Gen Secret is starting to look like a good deal?

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Well, when you start off, you will need to pay a one off payment of $30 and then it is $30 per month. For this you get 100 new leads a day but when you make your first referral sale, you start getting 200 leads per day! Remember, these are all people who have already expressed an interest in making an online income from home.

You can use the internal mailer once per day to send one of the emails that are supplied or you can send your own emails. You don’t just have to promote MLGS through it, you can promote anything. In case many people are making money by promoting Clickbank offers through this system.

You can also export the leads and import them into your own mailer system if you wish. However, be careful with this as the big names like Aweber etc are not keen on you doing this.

How Does the My Lead Gen Secret Commission System Work?

So, basically, when you refer someone who joins up you get $5 commission for every month that they remain a member. Then when your referrals sign someone up, YOU get $4, then the next level you get $3 and down 5 levels. As you start to get people join through your links, the commission can start to mount up. As you will see in a minute, the commissions are a nice little earner, especially as they come through every month. You also get a bonus of $100 every time you get 5 new paying referrals in a week.

Would You Like to See Some Proof?

Now we haven’t yet had the time to promote much due to other commitments so we do not yet have our own proof to show you. However, we signed up through Reed Floren, a very reputable marketer who is having some great results with the system. In just over 3 weeks he has made $342 just from people signing up into My Lead Gen Secret. Now he has also made nearly $1000 from other areas. For example he has made Clickbank sales, other affiliate sales and you also get $100 as a bonus from MLGS every time you make 5 sales in a week!

my lead gen secret

my lead gen secret proof

You can also see that Rob is making sales through Clickbank and other offers.

What Is The Sales Page Like?

To be honest the sales page is a bit hypey! The main reason I took the plunge and joined My Lead Gen Secret was down to recommendation. I have been on Reed’s list for many years, so if he was recommending it, I knew it was something to take a serious look at.

Personally I think it is important to know that many online marketers will try to sell you programs and systems that they don’t actually use themselves! They simply have an agreement with one of their online mates to promote for each other. This back slapping goes on a lot! There, I said it!!

They keep how they make their money a bit of a secret.

So, that was nice seeing people who I trust actually making money with this system.

As it states, the My Lead Gen Secret system works on permission based marketing. All of the leads have requested info on business opportunity or make money from home type information. Therefore, this means that the leads are totally legit and do not contravene the Can-Spam laws.

So, Its Decision Time!

So, you are in the make money online niche. You have been banging your head against the wall to get regular leads into your business. You struggle to know what to send your subscribers to get them interested in your offers. This is a great investment. $1 per day per 100 leads is unbelievable. And that doesn’t include all the extra stuff you get! 200 leads after you make your first sale, a mailer system, done for you emails to use.

As we have said, there is a lot of dross out there in the internet marketing world, but this program seems to be pretty legit. As long as you see the monthly payment as an investment you will be good to go.

If you need any help or advice please feel free to get in touch.

Good Luck



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