profit maximiser review

Profit Maximiser Review

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There are so many ways to make money online and from home. One of those ways is matched betting.

So what is matched betting?

profit maximiser reviewMany people think that matched betting is not legal. However it is and is a very safe way to make money online. Most people say that there is no risk attached to this method. So how does it work?

In simplicity, it is basically a system where you bet on both possible outcomes of a wager. Either way, you win! Many people don’t even entertain matched betting as they think that you need to have a good knowledge of sport or betting in general. But you don’t!

Bookmakers also call it back bet matching or double betting because you are using the incentives offered by the bookmaker to make you money. It is actually based on mathematics rather than on chance.

It is mainly widespread in the UK, but since May 2018, matched betting has become legal across the USA.

A New Way to Do Matched Betting

Profit Maximiser is the latest in a long line of successful betting systems from Mike Cruickshank, who is a leading light in the world of matched betting. The system is already being used by over 7000 people to make good money online from online bookmaker and casino bonuses.

It is a step by step training system to take complete newbies through the system of the matched betting service offered by bookmakers to make money online. It tells you how to make the best money on every offer on any given day, which is amazing.

What’s more is, you can take the whole system for a test run for just £1 for 14 days.

Mike is a master of matched betting in the sports world but where he really excels at casino strategies. The forum that accompanies the system, often gets notifications of 4 figure success stories.

So, What Do I Get With The Profit Maximiser System?

Basically, you are taken through the system of matched betting so that you know the basics of what to do and how tohorse racing do it. Then every day you are given access to Mikes private website which has all the daily offers from bookmakers and casinos. You are then taught how to make a low risk profit on each of them. Then it is down to you to decide which ones you want to do. As you can see above, you can start with a £1 trial for 14 days and then it is only £97 per year to carry on getting the great info.

Mike’s ethos is that he try’s to help you to recoup your investment in Profit Maximiser within the first 3 days. That is the 97 not the 1!

Don’t be fooled by the fairly minimalistic website, it just means that he isn’t spending the takings on a flashy website! The info he shares is top notch.

What Kind of Money Can Be Earned Doing Matched Betting?

Well it would be wrong, foolish and against the law to tell you that you will make a lot of money with this system. It all depends on how you follow the system, or if you follow it at all! It is not in doubt that people do make money with it. That is shown on the Facebook Forum, where people post their screenshots of their successes. So, it does work!

In fact, this Facebook forum is one of the golden nuggets of the system. The members are more than happy to answer questions and help you to make this system work for you. A refreshing change in today’s society!

I Just Want to Get Started!


Once you are signed up you will get access to the website with all it’s useful guides and video tutorials. Go through these and start to immerse yourself in the possibilities which will be at your fingertips.

You will be offered a range of upsells along the way but that is something for you to work out if you need them as you go along.

Overall, we feel, having done our research on this subject that the following Pros and Cons exist with this system.


  • It is only £1 to get started and see what it is all about
  • Mike Cruickshank has brought out several products many of which have already been successful for his customers.
  • The videos and guides are easy to understand
  • Many of the upsells (should you be interested) are unmatched by the competitors.


  • As with anything in the betting world there is always an element of risk. However, matched betting takes away a great deal of the risk factor.
  • Maybe a monthly subscription would be better than the one off yearly £97 fee, but it isn’t that huge, so not really a con in my book!

Profit Maximiser Review Summary

When it comes to betting, there are obviously a lot of concerns by many people. But with this system you are pretty much taking out a lot of the risk. The training is simple and effective and Mike’s experience makes it a no brainer if you are looking to make money online. To be able to get started for just £1 is brilliant as you can then see whether it is something you are going to enjoy.


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